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Research facilities

The facilities & Collection which can be used for research By Bunbury Historical Society include:

  • Photographs with data regarding each.
    Information regarding people that have been involved in the local area.
  • Birth, marriage and death information.
  • The objects, including clothing in the collection and details of each.
  • A library of reference books.
  • Links to other organisations.
  • Local knowledge from long serving members.
  • Access to information on the Web e.g. National Library of Australia, Battye Library.
  • Bunbury Historical Society also has a co-operative arrangement with the Bunbury Oral History Group where listings of voice recordings made can be found.

Bunbury Historical Society is a not for profit organisation.
There is an initial charge of a donation for any research undertaken by King Cottage Museum.

If further research is required, costs to be incurred can be discussed with the Researcher prior to research being undertaken.
For example, photographs or specialised information may be requested and funds will be required prior to orders being taken.

To request assistance for your research, kindly download and fill out below form and bring it to us personally, through e-mail or by post.

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